Little Grim Release Contagious New Track, 'All on Black'

South London four-piece Little Grim have returned with latest single 'All on Black', released earlier this month. 

'All on Black' opens with ethereal hums, then bursts into an electric, funk-ridden verse. This varied medley of sounds continues to evolve and waver through the song, all fused with the band's signature meld of falsetto and infectious rhythm.

Of the writing process behind the song, singer Joe says: "The band were working multiple jobs and we barely ever saw each other. We were passing ships in the night. So, we hooked up a laptop to a microphone in the hallway and would find new recording ideas mysteriously left for one another," accounting for the irresistible sonic amalgamation displayed on the track.

The song is raucously uplifting, both in beat and lyrics. Visceral lyrics permeate the track, the line 'Take a second deep breath into your lungs' - along with palpitating, ascending drum beats - build to the motivational chants of the contagious chorus.

Alt-J reminiscent, the track proceeds with its own unique, nostalgic tinges, where 8-bit inflexions point to a band who state to have been deeply influenced by 90s video games during the song's conception.

The B-side to the track, 'Vice', acts as a dark and brooding counterpart, irresistibly lazy and grunge laced as it makes way to an entrancing chorus. And the song has already caught on - 'Vice' will be featured in upcoming Netflix show The A-List.

Hear both 'All on Black' and 'Vice' for yourself now on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud.