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In the lead up to Christmas, M O S E S uploaded a new song to their YouTube page, in tribute to frontman Victor's late father, whose absence was weighing on the singer's mind during the festive season. (Despite, as stated in the description of the song, him not being 'a great father' due to a battle with alcoholism. But whom Victor truly believed 'wanted to change and be a better man for his family, for his son'.)

The result is a song so achingly raw that its effects still echo into the desolate first weeks of the new year. Making it this week's Song of the Week.

Uniquely for a tribute, 'Constantin' is told from the dissonant, tortured point of view of a father addressing his song from beyond the grave, soaking the song in a gut-wrenching poignancy. In the accompanying video to the performance, the tangled emotions of the song are reflected in the backdrop of the band's stripped down set. Domestic disorder is not only seen in the words handwritten on pages on the wall, but also in the stunted promise of knowledge and nurture represented in the books and lights strewn haphazardly on the living room floor in front of them.

Whilst the verses of ‘Constantin’ are softly comforting, with lyrics of encouragement and delicately piercing acoustic guitar, they bleed into a chorus that showcases Victor's screaming yet melodious vocals - here perfectly conveying the pain of both his father's words, and of his son who encompasses them. The first line of the chorus -  'I didn't know/To show you love' - is as shatteringly penetrating as its last - 'Now I'm fading to the sky'.

As the song comes towards its close, ascending repetitions of 'build yourself a road' end the song on a note of hope; a message laced through the song, underneath the undercurrent of raw heartache. 

Listen to 'Constantin' below now:

Amani Carson


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